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Open Streets

12th Street NE

Last Date:

On 12th Street NE, between Monroe Street NE and Franklin Street NE

Open Streets in Your Neighborhood is coming to Ward 5’s 12th Street NE at the end of August! The event will close half a mile of 12th Street NE to cars and open them up to people to ride, bike, walk, socialize, and participate in fun programming, just in time for school!

12th Street NE is known for its quaint, corner-street businesses – check out the amazing flavors and styles that make the Brookland neighborhood special. The neighborhood is also home to a variety of cultural, religious, and historical landmarks and institutions, such as the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, a Franciscan monastery, Catholic University of America and Trinity Washington University. 

We will feature educational programming specifically geared towards children of all ages and abilities. You won’t want to miss this Open Streets event!

No cars, just people.

12th Street NE Open Streets Route Map

Featured Programming

Some of your favorite programs are back for the next installment of Open Streets! With back-to-school just around the corner, come close out the summer on 12th Street!

Rollo Rollerskating

Rollo will be available at Kearney Street for roller-blading lessons, so be sure to bring your own skates!

Rollo is providing roller-skating lessons at the following times:

10:00 AM

12:00 PM

LIME Scooter Lessons

Lime Scooters are back on Open Streets! Come by the Lime activation and learn how to ride one of the scooters, get a free popsicle, and pick up some amazing swag, like a Lime-branded helmet!

Scooter lessons will take place between 9 am – 1 pm between Hamlin and Girard Streets.

Thank you, LIME, for being a sponsor again!

Facepainting by Arlor Creations

Try something daring and celebrate local talent by getting your face painted by the talented Arlor Creations!

Harp as Art

Be prepared to be mesmerized as talented musician Victoria plucks away at the harp at the corner of 12th and Franklin Streets.

Double Dutch

A classic Open Streets activity, join the talented Double Dutch group and jump with the pros! Double Dutch is a fun, easy, and lowkey way to experience the road in a whole new way.

Capital Trails Coalition Photobooth

WABA’s Capital Trails Coalition is back! Come get a free picture and learn about how the CTC prioritizes equitable access to a regional trail system that all can enjoy.

Play and Thrive DC

They’re back! Bring your kids to the Play and Thrive DC activation for free playtime with dino digging sensory bins. Dig around and see what you find!


Foamboree is BACK for another Open Streets event! Whether you’re a kid or a young adult, don’t miss this chance to run through the foam happening on 12th and Jackson Streets.

District Youth Cycling Club Bike Ramps

As seen on Ward 8’s Open Streets, kids are invited to grab their scooters or bicycles and try out some of the mini red ramps.  

Kimmiek Hoola Hoops

Get your groove on and try out some street hoola-hooping, as well as learn a few pointers from seasoned hoola-hoopers.

Glow by Asia Henna Art

Stop by Glow by Asia to get free henna art.

Schedule of Events

At 12th Street, we are hosting several street musicians that will provide live music and dancing you CAN’T miss!


Musical Artist

9:00 am

DJ TYE at 12th and Hamlin Streets

11:00 am

Kevin Jefferson Band (Live Jazz) at 12th and Lawrence Streets

11:00 am

Coyaba African Dance (Live Dancing Performance) at 12th and Irving Streets

11:30 am

Love Joy Band (Jazz, Funky Blues, and Latin) at 12th and Girard Streets


We have two activation zones offered at 12th Street – a yoga/relax zone and a fitness zone that are free for everyone.

Bring your workout gear, yoga mats, and get ready to break a sweat!

FIT ZONE (12th and Lawrence Streets)

Class Time

Class Name and Studio

9:00 am

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Aerobics by Rising Star Fitness

10:00 am

Afro-Brazilian Martial Arts by Capoeira DC

11:00 am

Weight Fitness by F45 Training

12:00 pm

Cheer Fit (Beginner’s Cheerleading) by Dynamic Cheer

YOGA AND RELAX ZONE (12th and Irving Streets)

Class Time

Class Name and Studio

9:00 am

Children’s Yoga by Bluebird Sky Yoga

10:00 am

All Ages Yoga by Bluebird Sky Yoga

11:00 am

Hula Hoop Fitness by Kimmie K

12:00 pm

African Dance Lesson by Cobaya

Featured Businesses

There are various businesses you can discover along the route participating at Open Streets, including:






And more!

How Do I Get Here?

Ditch the car and check out the following ways you can get to 12th Street Open Streets by walking, biking, scootering, or using public transportation.

Take Our Survey!

What did you think of our event on Benning Road? Take this survey and let us know! We always strive to make sure Open Streets is a memorable and exciting experience for all.

Do You Have a Business Located on the 12th Street Route?

If you are a business on 12th Street NE, located between Monroe and Franklin Streets NE, click our link to apply and activate the public right-of-way in front of your store! 

All applications are due on Tuesday, August 16, 2022.

The Open Streets team will notify you if your application has been approved by Friday, August 19th.

Sponsor Us!

Interested in becoming a sponsor of the 12th Street NE Open Streets? Contact us at [email protected]

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